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Seven Propositions Grace the Ballot

Pete StahlDear voters,

There are seven statewide propositions on the November ballot. As a group, they don't feel as heavyweight as they did two years ago, when several addressed important issues of racial and economic justice. The current crop's themes are minor vices like gambling and vaping, and public funding of selected programs. And, of course, what would a California election be without another attempt to regulate kidney dialysis clinics?

As is my habit, I have published my ratings of the propositions, with brief summaries and longer details. I treat the serious measures seriously, and the ridiculous measures ridiculously. Please take a look. You may agree or disagree, but you'll come away better informed.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

Download and print this handy printable version!

p.s.: I am no longer using Facebook to promote this site. I cannot reconcile my commitment to level-headed, factual analysis with Facebook’s corrosive behavior in politics.

You can read about this behavior elsewhere; in brief, Facebook traps users in polarized bubbles, pushes discourse to the extremes, distributes misinformation and propaganda, and is the primary platform for foreign interference in U.S. elections. I cannot, in good conscience, participate in a medium that behaves so destructively and irresponsibly.

I wish you the best this year. See you soon!

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