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Pete StahlHappy Election Season!

The Legislature could use a remedial class in counting. Specifically, what number comes after 2. Could it be ... 45?

In a brazen ploy to protect their favorite measures against ballot fatigue, your legislators plucked two prized propositions from the anonymous mass of 40-somethings and gave them a free pass to the front of the line. So now we have Props 1 and 2 followed by 45 through 48. It may be legal, but it sure smells fishy. This cynical manipulation of the ballot will only increase distrust of the electoral process and of government in general.

I wonder: If you're going to disregard conventional counting, why use numbers at all? Why not name them Proposition Yellow, Proposition Horse, Proposition Mike, and Proposition Yowza? At least those names have memorable personalities.

Regardless, I have given all six misnumbered measures my ratings. By coincidence, they're all "yes" votes for this election. I originally had a "no" rating for Prop 46, but flip-flopped to "yes" after doing my research. Please have a look, then make up your own mind.

One, two, buckle my shoe.
Forty-five, forty-six, I detest these stupid tricks.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

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