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Handful of Propositions on June Ballot

Pete StahlWelcome, voters!

The June primary election is creeping up. Soon you'll get to choose "top two" finalists from among dozens of candidates for Governor, U. S. Senator, and other important offices.

There will also be five statewide ballot propositions. Most of these are fairly inconsequential: they'll determine when a ballot proposition goes into effect, whether to reassess homes when rainwater capture systems are added, and how to spend new revenues from jacked-up sales taxes on diesel fuel. It's not exactly life-and-death stuff. But your participation is important.

If you find you need a bit of sage advice on this oft-neglected corner of your ballot, I'm here to help. My proposition ratings summarize each statewide measure and give my honest opinion. You're welcome to disagree, of course, and now you can be better informed when you do so.

The ratings are complete as of May 1. I may tweak them slightly in response to new information, but I think the advice should be generally valid for the election.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

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