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Ridiculous to Sublime and Back Again

Pete StahlWelcome, voters!

You've got a long ballot to deal with. There are contests for a dozen state offices, plus U. S. Congress, judges, city council, school boards, sherriff, special districts, and probably dog catcher too. It's a lot to get through. And then, just when you think you're finished, you turn the page and are confronted with eleven statewide (and perhaps some local) propositions.

Some of these address important, complex issues that effect everyone, such as the housing crisis, mental health, and water quality. Others, I'm afraid, are less important to most of us—maybe even unworthy of our attention. Do you care deeply, for example, about fees dialysis clinics charge to private insurers? Or whether ambulance crews must respond to emergency calls while on lunch break? Or whether our Daylight Saving Time law conforms to federal language? I didn't think so.

Do not panic. I can help. I have analyzed the statewide measures, boiled them down to their essential issues, and recommended how to vote. Please take a look. You might agree or disagree, but either way you'll be a better informed voter.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

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