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Ballot propositions in March? Of course!

Pete StahlHappy winter, voters!

If you thought the March 3rd election was just a presidential primary, guess again!

Sharing this way-too-early ballot with the White House wanna-bes are all sorts of nominating contests, including U. S. Congress, state legislature, and any even-year local offices in your area. And maybe a local proposition or two.

To top it off, there's a single statewide proposition: bonds for construction and renovation of public schools and colleges. As usual, I have posted my rating of this measure. Read up to know what it's about, and decide for yourself.

Then, pick the candidates you want to butt heads this fall, sit back, and watch the mayhem unfold.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

Download and print this handy printable version!

p.s.: I am no longer using Facebook to promote this site. I cannot reconcile my commitment to level-headed, factual analysis with Facebook’s corrosive behavior in politics.

You can read about this behavior elsewhere; in brief, the site traps users in polarized bubbles, pushes discourse to the extremes, distributes misinformation and propaganda, and acts as the primary platform for foreign interference in U.S. elections. I cannot be part of a medium that behaves so destructively and irresponsibly.

I wish you all the best this year. Don’t forget to visit this fall. And happy voting!

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