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An Avalanche of Propositions Awaits

Pete StahlWelcome, voters!

This November you'll get to vote in exciting races for the White House, U.S. Congress, and State Legislature. And in the equally exciting (and probably more impactful) local contests for county supervisor, city council, school board, and so on. It's a long ballot, but if you pay attention and do your homework, you'll get through it all right.

Finally, when you think you're finished voting, you'll turn the page and see seventeen statewide propositions waiting to ambush you. And maybe a local measure or two, just piling on. You might be tempted to scream, to cry, or to light your ballot on fire.

Do not despair. I have prepared my snappy proposition guide to help dig you out from under that landslide of legislation, as I have been doing since 1980. Take a look. New this time is a PDF version you can download and print to read offline.

As you'd expect from a collection this large, there's great variety in both topic and seriousness. We will be voting on important issues such as the death penalty, education, and health care, and also on relative trivia like plastic grocery bags and hygiene in adult videos. I have tried to treat each proposition with the level of gravitas it deserves.

Happy voting,
Pete Stahl

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